New editions of "Images d'Algerie"

The English translation of "Pierre Bourdieu: Images d'Algerie" has been published in May 2012, fifty years after Algeria's independence and ten years after Bourdieu's death. As reviewers like novelist Suzanne Ruta (To Algeria, with love, 2012) and researcher Alan O'Connor (Cultural Studies, Trent University) stress, "Picturing Algeria" makes available excerpts of Bourdieu's early books on French colonial rule and the social transformations caused for the first time in English.

Other recent translations of „Images d’Algerie“ include:
In Algeria. Immagini dello sradicamento (Italian edition, October 2012)
Picturing Algeria (English edition, USA, May 2012)
En Argelia. Imágenes del Desarraigo (Spanish edition, 2011)

  • Covers of the English, Italian and Spanish editions of the original book "Images d'Algerie"

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